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All the facts you need to know about chatting

The invention of the computer was the greatest evolution since it has changed all aspects of our life. Come the age of the internet and everything changed, we no longer do things the way we used to. Gone are the days we used to rely on sending letters as a means of communication. In today’s modern communication people from two different worlds can interact one on one and exchange ideas, information, photos, videos among many more. This mode of communication is called chatting online where you can talk to strangers or people you know through live camera.


What to do

Most people after learning about chat rooms they just jump in and start chatting without having to learn what it actually entails. There are social phenomenon like etiquette which you need to observe. Once you have joined a chat room take some time to observe and get a feel of the environment. Get to know the subject people are discussing and if you are comfortable with the subject then participate.  In any random chat start by introducing yourself.

Types of chats

With computers and internet connections getting into a whole new level. Today computers have webcams or you can install one and exchange files, photos, videos or even just chat randomly with strangers. There are chat rooms which are free for anyone to engage in and there are chat rooms that one has to pay first before you get to have a chance to chat.

Type of platform

The kind of platform the chat room is using determines to a greater extent the kind of user experience one will have. If the platform is browser based then one will have limited options, the best option is the application version which you are required to download as it gives you more options and the best user experience.


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