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How to seduce a woman in an online chat room


Well you are in an online site and you have met this amazing woman that has blown your mind out of proportion. To avoid looking stupid during the conversation and behaving like Flintstones and barney here is a beautiful approach you can take that will make you look smart.

Listen and learn

The first thing that you need to understand before you chat online with a women is that they love to talk. It will be of great advantage to you if you are a great listener. After you have made the initial conversation starter it will be important for you to do all the listening while you let her do all the talking. Even if the conversation seems to be boring let her feel interesting or would you rather watch reruns of your favorite soccer game.



Be confident

When you get the chance to speak be confident. Every woman loves a man who has a lot of confidence. Make sure that you humor her all the time and tease her a little bit as this will help her to feel appreciated. Make sure you ask her the right questions to keep the conversation going and most importantly don’t give in on the first day. Keep in mind that this is a random chat with a stranger whom you have never met hence instead of being very straightforward try making the conversation interesting by teasing her, the more you tease her the more she opens up.

Private chat room

Whenever you are seducing a woman online it is highly recommended that you invite her for a private chat. Discussing such matters in a public forum is highly unprofessional and will make the woman shy away from you. Lastly make sure that you use the right language at all times.

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