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A cam chat is very common nowadays. Infact it is used even for random chat which people have rather than chat online.


There are advantages in using a cam chat when having random chat. First of all you get to see who it is you are having the chat online with. You can see that they are really who they claim to be and not some man who is hiding behind a woman’s name or says that he or she is a teen or another child.


This also is good for those who are slow in typing or have some sort of disability and therefore they do not have much flexibility in their fingers. People with arthritis and gout do benefit from the cam chat.



Also who benefits are older persons who want to stay in touch with the younger generations like their kids and grandkids. They get to see their grandkids growing up in front of their eyes even though they may be situated in a different country altogether.


These are good ways to communicate with people and that is why employers use this method for conducting of interviews. First there was a lot of money which was wasted in the employer or the potential candidate paying for the potential candidate to come for the interview. This was a considerable sum especially in case the person lived in a different city, state or even country. They needed to pay for their ticket, the stay, the food expenses as well as for commuting. Rather than that, what is used in today’s world is a web cam chat.


This is a huge advantage even for those that want to decrease their carbon footprint and are searching for more ecological solutions to common problems.


In chats what usually happens is that the expressions cannot be seen so the written word is usually up for misinterpretation. Here when you see the person you know what they actually mean – the expressions, the body language, the tone and not only the words.


However, precaution needs to be taken as these can be seen as a huge invasion to one’s privacy. Also web cams require a decent connection. If the connection is bad, there will be considerable lag and that will result in waiting for several seconds before being able to hear what the person is saying or it will result in both parties speaking simultaneously as they cant manage the lag.